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Public cleaning service

We offer a Public Cleaning service to Cities, Social Institutions and Companies with large spaces requiring proper cleaning by professionals.

The public cleaning service operates as follows:

  • Request for service by interested customers (public entity, social institution or private enterprise): requests are sent by E-mail or in hard copy letter.
  • Harmonization on the terms / conditions of service supplies: this step takes 3 to 15 working days, which also includes the site visit by a public cleaning supervisor, and services of cleaning services dublin is also helpful for this.
  • Recruitment of laborers for the execution of the service and acquisition of materials: this step takes up to 15 to 90 days depending on the proximity to the place of execution of the service and the complexity of the work to be carried out. It is also during this step that the personnel is trained if it is in a new entity where GVB sarl is not yet active.
  • The deployment of the team for the execution of the public cleaning service: the team trained and supervised by the public cleaning supervisors is deployed for public cleaning activities.
  • Collection, disposal and treatment of solid waste: waste from public cleaning is collected, evacuated to the landfill for appropriate treatment.
  • Periodic activity report: according to customer needs, a report of activities is produced monthly or quarterly.
  • Billing is done monthly depending on the number of workers affected and the volume of waste collected