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The Objectives of GVB Holding ltd are summarized as follow:

  • Offer a service of collecting recyclable waste for good recycling.
  • Create a clean environment in public and private places through a professional cleaning and disinfection service;
  • Provide Consultancy services in several fields particularly : Market study and Business Projects Evaluation, Environmental Evaluation and expertise, public cleaning and waste management plan, transcription, translation and interpretation works : « French-English-Swahili » …
  • Offer consultancy services to entrepreneurs as well as other applicants to bring up their level of success in their business.
  • Facilitate the search for solution to community problems by technology through the Tech-solution Branch.
  • Contribute to bring solutions to community problems: those related to the environment, deficit in local products and the low level of development in technology.
  • Carry out subcontracting activities related to the fields of expertise of the company.