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Multi-Domain Consultations and Subcontracting

A. Entrepreneurship and Business Consultancy

We offer the following services to individuals, organizations and Enterprises:
a). Coaching in the conceptualization of the fresh idea in a real business project ;
b). Feasibility studies and market studies for business projects;
c). Orientation and support in the investment decision;
d). Practical training in Business Plan;
e). Business Plan Design and Development;
f). Representation of International Firms.
B. Consultancy in Business Management and Income Generating Projects
a). Organizational Framework Design and Management Plan for startups ;
b). Training in Business Management and Coaching from the management team at the creation of the company;
c). Business Management Consulting.

C. Consultancy in Marketing

We assist entrepreneurs and companies in the implementation of the marketing plan adapted to the context of their product and market and the managing of their employees, also remember that if you have staff working remotely then you need to make sure that you keep a track of what they are doing and an employee time tracker app is by far the best way of doing this. We also offer a subcontracting service in Marketing, as well.

D. Translation, Transcription and Interpreting Consultancy

We offer the following services:
a). Transcription (Recording of audio interviews) for languages: French, English and Swahili.
We charge per hour of audio to transcribe.
b). Translation English-French-Swahili and Swahili-French-English.
We charge per page or per word as appropriate.
c). English-French-Swahili and Swahili-English-French Interpreting
We charge per hour of interpreting service.

E. Consultancy on environmental matters

We offer the following services:
a). Development of Appropriate Plans and Waste Management Systems for Enterprises, towns and Cities;
b). Environmental protection training (waste management, cleaning and maintenance of ordinary and hospital premises …);
c). Training in Disaster Risk Prevention;
d). Expertise and Environmental Impact Study;
e). Environmental assessments;
f). Subcontracting Cleaning Services (Home, Business and Hospital Cleaning)

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