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The mission of GVB Holding ltd is double:

  • In the business area:
    Design proper solutions to the problems related to the environment (waste recycling, environment care, prevention of disasters…); business development (boost entrepreneurs for success), technology (boost tech innovative ideas), production of comedies (Industry development).
  • Through Entrepreneurs,   https://www.kivuentrepreneurs.com/(a branch of GVB Holding ltd), bring the African youth to overcome the issue of unemployment thanks to Entrepreneurship and business, this starting from the Kivu region in DRC.

Every business needs to have a written business plan. Whether it’s to provide direction or attract investors, a business plan is vital for the success for your organization. But, how do you write some Pro Business Plans?

A business plan can take many forms, depending on the venture. A four-person management consulting firm may produce a leaner plan focused on service expertise and industry experience compared to a 20-employee widget maker, which would also have to describe products, manufacturing techniques, competitive forces and marketing needs, among other details.
Spell out your market analysis and describe your marketing strategy, including sales forecasts, deadlines and milestones, advertising, public relations and how you stack up against your competition. If you can’t produce a lot of data analysis, you can provide testimonials from existing customers. This is where you provide the numbers that back up everything you described in your organizational and marketing sections. Include conservative projections of your profit and loss statements, balance sheet, and your cash flow statements for the next three years. These are forward-looking projections, not your current accounting outputs.